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Dan Wolfe

Hi, I’m Dan. I started my career as a technical writer, working within the corporate landscape to deliver end-to-end process change. With over a decade experience in legislation change, risk and compliance advice, and providing document governance, time and time again, I encountered the same issue: the need for mid-tier automation solutions.


What are mid-tier automation solutions?


These are processes whereby there is no budget or business appetite to procure software to solve a team or department-based process issues. As such, the manual need to carry out such processes blocks efficiencies. Thankfully, with most businesses utilising Microsoft, your business license includes free software to create automated workflows. I have spent the last five years bringing solutions to businesses using this very software. If you have a process where you think a mid-tier automation solution could be implemented, reach out and let’s have a chat.


I am also open to other work too; you can click the button below to see the full list of services offered including my rates and testimonials.

I am Melbourned-based but open to remote work.

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