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Technical Writing & Process Improvement

  • Documentation excellence - Producing clear, concise, and comprehensive technical documentation, including frameworks, manuals, and supporting process documentation.

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) - Developing and maintaining detailed SOPs to ensure consistency and adherence to best practices in technical processes.

  • User guides - Creating user-friendly guides and manuals to facilitate understanding and utilising complex technical systems and processes.

  • Legislation and regulatory obligations translation - Translating and demystifying legislation and regulatory obligations into process documentation ensuring transparency and adherence is understood by the target audience.

  • Knowledge transfer - Facilitating effective knowledge transfer by documenting technical insights, troubleshooting procedures, and best practices for internal teams, aligning with training and mentoring.

Project Management & Change Management

  • Comprehensive planning - Creating detailed project plans encompassing scope, timelines, resources, and risk mitigation strategies to ensure successful delivery.

  • Team coordination - Leading cross-functional teams through effective communication, task delegation, and motivation to achieve project milestones.

  • Quality assurance - Implementing rigorous quality control measures throughout the project lifecycle to guarantee the delivery of high-quality outcomes.

  • Change strategy development - Designing comprehensive strategies for organisational change, encompassing communication plans, training programs, and stakeholder engagement initiatives.

  • Culture transformation - Undertaking initiatives to foster a positive and adaptive organisational culture that embraces change and encourages continuous improvement.

Advisory & Stakeholder Management

  • Optimisation recommendations - Identify opportunities for improvement and recommendations to optimise processes, enhance efficiency, and achieve organisational objectives.

  • Cross-functional collaboration - Collaborating with various departments to offer advisory support, fostering a cohesive problem-solving and strategic planning approach.

  • Relationship building - Cultivating positive relationships with diverse stakeholders, including clients, partners, and internal teams, to ensure alignment and collaboration.

  • Communication planning - Developing and implementing effective communication strategies to keep stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Issue resolution - Proactively addressing stakeholder concerns and conflicts, fostering a collaborative atmosphere, and maintaining positive relationships.

  • Expectation management - Setting clear expectations with stakeholders regarding project deliverables, timelines, and potential challenges to ensure transparency and trust.

  • Feedback integration - Gathering and incorporating stakeholder feedback to drive continuous improvement and enhance project outcomes.

Coaching & Mentoring

  • Good Governance - Foundational planning for document integrity.

  • Technical Writing - Document structure & writing for your target audience.

  • Process Mapping - How to effectively breakdown processes into steps/stages.

  • Project Management - Understanding stakeholders for engagement and management purposes.

  • Power Platforms - PowerApp builds and integration with PowerAutomate for workflow solutions.

Document Governance

  • Understanding good governance - Embedding strong document governance foundations into document repositories along with the "why" for ongoing document integrity and audit obligations.

  • Document repositories - Advice, recommendations, and creation of document libraries vs. web authoring to ensure the best solution is available for the target audience. This includes the balance of "gate-keeper" activities vs. open libraries and maintenance.

  • Review cycles and audit obligations - Creation of review cycle processes including stakeholder review matrices and workflows to achieve the best outcome for document integrity and audit transparency.

  • Versioning and naming methodologies - Training and creation f various versioning and naming methodologies to align with document repositories and review process.

Power Platforms

  • Refer to mid-tier automation solutions page for examples.

  • Discovery - Needs analysis and workflow mapping.

  • Design - App design, build, and testing.

  • Automation - Integration of workflow management.

  • Training - Re-calibration and training.

  • Delivery.

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Corporate Contract Work​
  • Rates are inclusive of GST.

  • Rates include travel/commute time and can be negotiated/scaled for 'work from home' flexibility.

  • Rates are based on deliverables up to 10 departments max. Additional costs for deliverables exceeding 10 departments due to stakeholder management implications and time management impacts

  • All rates can be negotiated and tailored for contracts based on scope, duration and stakeholder impacts.

Freelance Coaching/Mentoring​
  • Rates are inclusive of GST.

  • Services to be delivered online through Zoom/Teams or other agreed communication software.

Freelance Ad hoc Design Work​
  • Rates are inclusive of GST.

  • Services to be delivered online through agreed communication software.

  • All rates can be negotiated and tailored based on scope, duration and other impacts.

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Mel Dick
Quality Assurance Governance Consultant

Thank you Dan for the amazing tutorial you put together on PowerApps! It was so easy to absorb and I am keen to learn a lot more!

Jody Bendell
Risk Insights & Governance Lead

A massive thanks to Dan for all the hard work designing and building the engagement portal. We can now deliver quality outcomes that support our department's strategy. You have taken my vision and transformed it into something so much more. It is so inspiring, thanks once again!

Kayla Palmero
Manger, Risk Insights & Governance

I wish I could clone you and make a whole team of Dan's!

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