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Calamity on the Castlemaine


Diamond Dreadfuls are the perfect little read for someone on the go. After all, you have all the clues, but can you guess whodunit?

Welcome to the quarterly Diamond Dreadful Master Sleuth Competition!


To kick us off, we have upped the stakes: five murders to challenge our retired detective, Archibald Clayborn.


Think you have what it takes to win? Register below and purchase your copy of Calamity on the Castlemaine (available 1 July 2023). You will have the month to read and submit your answers to go into the draw to win AU $500.


To sweeten the pot, we have also placed a clue in each of the five first volumes. For bonus prizes, name these clues along with the killer to double your winnings!


*All entrants must have a Stripe account to receive winnings and agree to our terms listed in the registration confirmation email.

Registration form coming soon. Check back 2023!

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