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Dan Wolfe

Dan Wolfe


Home of the Wolfe King



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About the Author

About the Author
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Dan Wolfe is an Australian YA fantasy & adult indie writer.

Originally hailing from the west, he has spent most of his adult life moving around before settling in Melbourne, Australia, where he waited out the 2020-2022 apocalypse with his trusty canine master, Odin, who allowed him to write but only after the pats, the snacks, and the walks.

In 2022, it was with great sadness Odin had to leave Dan and return to Valhalla to watch over him from the hall of fallen heroes. There isn't a day that goes by that Dan doesn't miss him greatly but knows one day they will be together again.

Dan is involved with a number of animal charities and mental health organizations, particularly supporting animal rescue efforts and raising funds for teen awareness of depression and anxiety.


Dan is an avid collector of tattoos, wolf art, and considers P!nk his patronus.

To learn more about Dan's books, click here.



Odin Wolfe - March 2016 - June 2022

Six years wasn't long enough.


You were my heart little man.


Your forever sidekick,


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