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Bloodforged 1



Step into a world where being the alpha of your pack is just the beginning of your journey.

At sixteen, Kellen Masters has a lot on his plate: juggling school, guarding his pack’s secret from the humans around him, navigating the complexities of courting his mate-to-be, Amarice. . . All in all, it can be a downright headache, which is why all Kellen wanted was a simple Friday night surf to blow off some steam.

Only, fate had a different plan: a portal opens, thrusting the pack back to the world of their ancestors—their ancestors and the monsters who created them. The door to that world was supposed to be sealed, they were supposed to be safe.

Now, Kellen and his pack find themselves stranded in a strange new world with only a boy named Echo to rely on. Echo with his jade green eyes, who makes Kellen feel things he didn’t think he was supposed to, not when he has Amarice, not when his life is already mapped out. Worse, the pack has stumbled into a storm of civil unrest. War is brewing, and those like Echo—the ones still chained by their masters—are determined to use the opportunity to break free.

But this isn’t Earth. The stakes are high, and Kellen doesn’t understand the rules. To get home, he must strike a bargain with the resistance. . .  but can he trust them?

Embark on this epic journey of love, loyalty, and survival, where an alpha’s duty extends beyond the pack, beyond the boundaries of trust, beyond even love, in a world unlike any other.

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