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Clue by Candlelight Mysteries

The Archibald Clayborn Journals

A Murder at Warren House

Clue by Candlelight mysteries are the perfect little read for someone on the go. After all, you have all the clues, but can you guess whodunit?




Retired Detective, Archibald Clayborn is summoned to his childhood sweetheart’s family home, Warren House, after the death of her husband. Coming to Camilla’s aid, Clayborn suspects he is there to comfort her.


He couldn’t be more wrong.


Camilla believes her husband was murdered and her list of suspects are currently in Warren House. Clayborn agrees to help, however, before he can embark on his investigations, another murder happens!


But who is the culprit?

Is it…

  • The somewhat standoffish maid, Mrs. June Carter? She may be pleasant to Clayborn, but does that extend to the rest of the guests?

  • Or could it be Mr. Tracey Mars, the late Lesley Cartwright’s business partner? His bullish attitude and short temper aren’t the only things to make him a suspect, he may have a motive too.

  • Then there’s Dana Trudeau, a Hollywood actress traveling with Mars. A temptress to be sure, but does she have ulterior motives for coming to Warren House?

  • The last of the Hollywood troupe, the reserved—but outspoken when provoked—scriptwriter, Mr. John Smithe doesn’t seem to fit the picture of a murderer, but Clayborn can’t deny motive might be there with the longstanding friction between his employers.

  • Or is the murderer closer to home? Could it be the family physician, Dr. Royce Trenton? His outrage at being asked the simplest of questions does make Clayborn suspicious that he’s hiding something.

  • Last, there is Dr. Trenton’s young niece, Diana Darling. An innocent to be sure, except for one thing; she wants to be an actress. Is Miss Darling as innocent as she appears, or is it all an act?


Clayborn has his work cut out for him to catch this killer. Perhaps you can help him?


For fans of Clue, Murder She Wrote and Agatha Christie. This exciting mini-series will test your ability as a sleuth!

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